Welcome to our Family Pictures!

Here is a collection of memories, pictures, travels and parties from as far back as I can remember and all the way up to today. Not complete, a work in progress, but a picture nevertheless of several families and the people they touched.

Family Chat

Family Chat is the “Blog”. It is here I put news, random photos, bits and pieces that come along as the days go by. This is where you should check in first to see what is happening.



The Marr Family

This is where you will find the Marr family and all of the families they have touched: the McAteers, the Marrs, the Blairs, the Barchards, the Posts.

The Porta Family

Susan has a wonderful big Italian family and they have all embraced me and accepted me as one of them: more so than I could have imagined. Here is a record of our journey together and these amazing people.

Our Adventures Together

This is where I record the things that Susan and I do together. Much of it is with family, much of it we go off by ourselves. So follow us along on our journey through life right here!

A Word about the Use of these Images:

Most of these images are mine and I took them. Some belong to others and I have taken them and put them here for all to enjoy. I have tried to accurately attribute these images to their true owners. If you see a picture here that belongs to you and I have not given you credit, let me know and I will correct the oversight. If you see images that belong to you and you don’t want them to appear here, again, write to me and I will remove them.

Family members may use these images as they see fit: put them in an album, on your own blog, send them to a friend. We prefer that guests ask permission. It will not be with held but we want to know where our pictures are going and why.

For everyone, no commercial use at all. These are family pictures and they are not for general public viewing. Let’s keep them amongst family and friends only.

The “Marr Family Pictures” is created by me, Flynn Marr, and is a private photo album of the Marr family and it’s offshoots.
The content is the property of R. Flynn Marr and subject to his claim of Copyright.
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