Last year Susan and I had the wonderful good fortune to be invited to the wedding of Barbara and Manuel in Abruzzo Italy. This story actually starts at another wedding, in Cuba. Joe’s nephew, Mario, was being married to his sweetheart, Ivona, last January 6th. Mario is the son of Joe’s sister Rosa and her husband Piero. This is an Italian family and the relationships are complicated. Please bear with me!

Joe and Christina invited us to Mario and Ivona’s wedding which, by the way, was a wonderful affair.

Some of Joes family from Italy came as well and among them was Luciano Travaglini and Antonia di Loreto (they are married but in Italy the woman does not use her husband’s last name). Antonia is the daughter of Joe’s uncle Angelo. Are you with me?

We had a great time with everyone and got to know Antonina and Luciano. During the conversations on the patio of the hotel we learned that they had a daughter, Barbara, who was being married in the fall. Apparently

Barbara had gone to Ireland to study English and she met a student from Venezuela, Manuel, who was there to do the same thing. Well, one thing led to another and the wedding was set for September.

Joe and Christina decided to go to the wedding and again they invited us along. And the wedding of Barbara and Manuel is the subject of this story. These pictures are simply pictures taken by a guest at the wedding. They are just snapshots. But I hope you enjoy them.