Italy 2014

We travel to Joe’s Abruzzo for Barbara and Manuel’s wedding and then on to Susan’s family in Tuscany for two weeks.

In August and September of 2014 Susan and I went to Italy with Christina and Joe. We spent two weeks in Abruzzo with Joes family and then two weeks in Tuscany with Susan’s family. And we had great adventures! I write about some of them here and you can access them via the menu on the right. However, some good pictures don’t fit in any of those pieces and so I include some of them here.

One of the neat things on this trip was that in Abruzzo we stayed in the house of Joe’s Mom and Dad. It was the house in which Joe was born! It has been bought by and English couple who run a small B&B with it. It is across the lane from Joe’s Uncle and the whole hillside above the house are related to Joe in some way.

Christina, Susan and Barbara in front of Joe’s Family Home

Susan, Christina, Joe and Tony at Bar Gemelli

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