Sean was ascinated with his new brother. We had talked to him about his coming brother and he was excited. But I don’t think he really understood until he actually met Gordon. And then his interest was real. He was very gentle with him and loved to spend time with him.

Gordon Comes Home

After Gordon’s birth Nora was a couple of nights in the hospital, I can’t remeber if it was two or three, and all went well. So she and Gordon came home.

We had a two bedroom townhouse so Gordon moved in with Sean in the bedroom next to ours.

It was a busy time for Nora. I was at school and was not a very helpful father I am afraid. She had her hands full! Thank goodness Gordan was a peaceful easy child like his brother.

Sean loved to play with his brother. And he was really good sharing with him, be it his toys or, even, a sucker.

This is beautiful family while I was in Law School: Nora, Sean and Gordon.

Without really dwelling on it, Gordon was a chubby little guy! It is amazing that he shed all his baby fat by the time he was two or three, but at the beginning, he did like to eat. He grew quickly and very soon picking him up was a handful.

We lived on Meadowlands Drive in Ottawa. Our two bedroom townhouse is just visible on the left edge of the picture.

Being a student and living on student loans we had little money so walking with the children was our main source of entertainment.

In our townhouse, at the head of the staircase to the upstaris, to the left, was our bathroom. It was small but it was all we needed. Once Gordon outgrew baths in the kitchen sink it was into the bathtub with Sean. You can see Sean’s arms holding Gordon. He seemed to know by instinct how to protect his little brother.

Living in Ottawa we did not get to Toronto very much to see Grandpa Bill and Grandma Etta. At most it was three or four times a year. Here the boys are having an ice cream cone with Grandpa Bill. Grandma always seemed to have a supply of small ice cream cones in the cupboard for the children.

And that was Gordon’s first year with us. He was a happy child and he and Sean loved to hang out together. They were good children, easy going, and as quiet as children are. Gordon grew but what I did not know then, to my regret, was that he was groing too fast and my time with him w;ould be so short. They grow up so fast!