This past year the Covid Virus has taken so much from us. We have not seen our friends for ages. We have not been dancing. We missed the Christmas party this year. And family Graduation Ceremonies have been curtailed. In particular, Sarah graduates from High School this year and the school cancelled the Grad Ceremonies.

However, Covid is coming to an end, some of us have had two vaccine shots and others, like Susan and I, have had our first. And restrictions on family gatherings have been lifted.

Sarah’s parents came through for her and had a Grad party for her and some of her friends and the family was invited. It was a chance for the girls to wear their grad dresses and the guys to dress up a bit. Family was invited for a light dinner but we were to leave around 9:00  so the young people could party in earnest.

Kate and Colin’s large property is the perfect setting on a hot day for a gathering. There is lots of grass, several large shade trees, lots of room for parking. It is perfect. The weather was clear and hot but you can see that we had lots of shade.

Kate had the patio by the house set up for food and there were chests of pop and beer on ice. Wine was in a bowl of ice on the table. Snacks were out when we arrived. As people arrived we went out under the trees into the shade to visit and enjoy the day.

Gord was there with his beutiful girls, Laura and Holly. They were as beautiful as ever. When David arrived there was a bit of confusion in my mind about who had arrived and Cynthis walked right past me. I did not recognize her! She has grown so tall and she is prettier every time I see her.

Flynn arrived with his girls and Olivia surprised me with how tall and slim she has become. And Sophia was there with that wonderful smile as if she knows something but won’t share it. A real rascal!

It is amazing that of all my grand children there are only two boys, Paul and Mat. Paul was there. He is tall and handsome and an absolute delight.

I am so proud of all my children and grand children. I am sorry that so many could not make it. We are getting to be such a large family that it is not possible to get everyone together all of the time.

Our Grad, Sarah.

Kate and Colin who put on this wonderful party for their daughter, Sarah.

Kathleen with her good friend Gina who was at the party.

There is nothing as much fun as a new dress at a party. (I assume that is true from the picture. I don’t actually have any dresses so I wouldn’t know!)

Around 6:30 Kate put out a light dinner of … Tacos! It was brilliant. All kinds of tortillas, lots of fillings and salsas, and lots of jalapeños for those who live on the hot side. A very popular idea. Different and delicious! By the time we got to the sweets for dessert, I was too full to indulge in my usual manner. That was probably a good thing but it did make me sad.

The day was so hot that around 7:30 I wanted to go home and take a cold shower. But it was time to go anyway. We had a long drive ahead of us. But it was a great party and I left feeling really good about my wonderful family. 

Susan had a photographer come to take some serious pictures of the kids and I took some pictures while she was working.

I don’t really understand this. Maybe that’s the point! Not for grown ups!

Real photographers hate it when us amatures try to take advantage of their work with the people. When I do this I try to keep well out of the way.

A picture of Susan and I at the party. What an incredible day!

I was pretty busy with my camera. When people posed for a camera I tried to be there with mine so I didn’t miss any pictures. This page only posts a few of what I took. That way I don’t get pictures with closed eyes or bad expressions.

This pasted at the road as we drove in.

It is a good feeling you get meeting such beautiful young people. They are not tired and discouraged like the old folks. They are young and fresh and so eager to get on with life. Sarah and her friends are truly impressive. They were all well dressed, well spoken, intelligent and polite. It was such a pleasure to be with them. I think, just maybe, the world is in good hands!