Susan's Birthday 2013

Katie and Jimmy had a party for Susan and it was fabulous!

Susan’s birthday is August 15th (every year it happens!) and last year Katie put on a birthday BBQ for Susan at her house. We all gathered on the 16th of August, a day late, to celebrate. I love to go to Katie and Jimmy’s for dinner because they always do such a great job. And Jimmy always serves the most interesting wines.

Susan and Katie in the kitchen getting the feast underway.

Christina and Joe were there with Sabrina and Chris. Caesar was there with Sam, Nico, Shiela and Dominic which thrilled Susan.

The food was amazing. Katie loves Susan’s lasagna so Susan brought one of those. Jimmy had steaks that were beyond belief. You never see them like this in a restaurant. There were sausages, there was corn and Greek salad, potatoes, prawns the size of lobsters, peppers and on and on. Well, see for yourself!

It was one of those evenings when you wanted to sit out in the summer evening air and we did. It was really wonderful. We had cake with coffee and brandy and to finish off the meal. It was a great party!