For Mother’s Day Susan, Ann and I took Mother and Dad out to Adrian’s at the Airport for dinner. It is getting pretty difficult for them to get around but they enjoy getting out.  We brought Mom red roses and a neat card with singing hamsters (really!) to wish her a Happy Mothers Day.

Ann and I sitting with Grandma Etta, Mother’s Day 2014

All things considered, Mom and Dad are doing very well. Mom’s short term memory is gone but her personality and sense of humor is still there. There is no doubt who she is. Dad’s gives the appearance that he is having memory problems but I think it is that he cannot hear well and so he does not respond. Make sure you talk directly to him and that he sees that you are talking to him.

This is the original family, at least as I knew it. Ann and I with Mom and Dad.

Mom and Dad at Adrian’s waiting for our dinner.

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