Last night Susan and I went to Granville Island with Sam. We parked at Science World and walked the south side of False Creek to the island where we walked about and then went for dinner at the Keg. And we took some pictures.

Nonna and Sam at Science World with the Olympic Village in the background

We had intended to go to a little seafood restaurant across from the Granville Island Brewery but we got there late and it was closing. That was a bit upsetting because we had our hearts set on fish and chips and maybe some oysters. But it was not to be.

Sam on a Sculpture at Science World. So much for respecting the Arts.

So we ended up at the Keg which is also right there. We had a very nice meal. The Keg is not cheap but the food is decent. I had a wheat beer and both Sam and Nonna tried it and found it very pleasant.

This is down by the Ferry Dock at Bridges Restaurant.

Susan and I walk this stretch along the south shore of False Creek quite often and it is really nice. Last night we walked back in the dark to the car and got home about 11:00 pm.