Sam’s birthday is 26 April and Nico’s is 23 May. Nonna has wanted to get them together for a combined birthday party because the kids are so busy and we seldom see them (at least not as much as we would like). So she was finally able to get a dinner arranged for Saturday the 10th of May. Jimmy and Katie joined us as well as Nico and Sam, Caesar, Christina, Sabrina and Chris.  The day was wonderful sunny and Susan put on a great meal. She made a lasagna (hers is the best anywhere ever!) and I got out the BBQ. We had a great evening.

The kids had to share a cake but they each got to blow out the candles (which we relit when required). Susan made the cake that day and it was very nice. Katie also brought apple strudels which we cooked for the desert. They were excellent as well.

I keep telling Sam not to clown in front of the camera but she never listens!