Well, there is no question he’s my son! He and Sheila are off on an adventure and I’d say it is an excellent one. They have sold their house and moved onto a boat. I think we can all agree that ranks as an adventure.

I have known about this for some time but had not seen the boat, well, ship really. But this week I got a call from Sean to drop down to the marina and see what they were doing. So today, Susan and I did just that. With house warmer in hand we arrived at Mosquito Creek Marina to see their new home.

Sean and Sheila in the, I think Susan called it “the driver’s room”, but the rest of us would probably call it the Bridge.

Well, I was impressed. This is serious hardware! We got the tour from stem to stern, examined each pintle and gudgeon, checked out the scuppers, went below decks, even looked in the heads! (That’s nautical talk in case any of you thought I couldn’t keep up.) I like it. But the thought of the responsibility involved in moving this piece of floating technology shivers my timbers!

I took some photographs to record our visit and present them herewith.

Once I got home I realized I wanted pictures of the interior and I forgot to do it. Especially the engine room. That was really impressive. Someone (Sean) could go seriously broke feeding those puppies! Oh well, no price is too high for an excellent adventure.