Good things don’t last forever. Mirko and Francesca only had six days with us in Vancouver and they flew by so quickly. On Sunday Christina brought them over to our place about 1 pm for us to take them to the airport. We had a few hours to put in so we went up to Burnaby Mountain Park and Simon Fraser University.

Francesca & Mirko in our Yard

We are really going to miss them.

It was a cloudy bright day with crisp fall air. There was a mist in the distance obscuring the City in the distance.  There were very few people on the mountain. It was a lovely day.

It is Fall and the leaves are almost all down.

Simon Fraser University

The hill behind them is where we live.

The campus is very beautiful.

We had very little time on Burnaby Mountain and we had to leave for the airport. It was really hard to leave such a beautiful day in such a lovely place. But WestJet waits for no man, to borrow a phrase.

At the airport Francesca’s suitcase was too heavy. She had to redistribute weight.

And so they left for Las Vegas and Los Angeles for another week amid promises to return and stay longer. We will miss them and look forward to Francesca’s and Mirko’s next visit.