As I said, we are breaking this Project into two month sections of which this is the third. That way the pages don’t get to long and it is easier to find a picture. The buttons at the bottom of the page will take you to other pages in the Project.

The first day of 2022! Buon Anno!!  When the party was over, on our way out, friends we had made there took this picture of us. It was after midnight so it was taken on January first of 2019.

Day 124 – 2 January 2022  Enough of Vienna for a while! Susan worked for over thirty years for Safeway and you might wonder what that looked like. This picture from the 1970’s shows what a Safeway deli clerk looked like at Safeway.

Day 125 – 3 January 2022   Christmas and New Years are over and we are back to normal. Normal today is a picture taken in Piazzale Michelangelo in Firenze in 2008 with Nico and Sam. In the background on the left is Michelangelo’s famous dome.

Day 126 – 4 January 2022   In 2008, which seems so long ago now, we were in Capalona with Nico and Sam and Armando, Susan’s brother, wanted to take us up to his little farm in the hills 

Day 127 – 5 January 2022  In 2019 we were in Ottawa and spent a day on Parliament Hill. 

Day 128 -6 January 2022   We are so lucky where we live because we are surrounded by parks. We have forest trails to walk on just outside our door. And over the tree tops, 

Day 126 – 4 January 2022   In 2008, which seems so long ago now, we were in Capalona with Nico and Sam and Armando, Susan’s brother, wanted to take us up to his little farm in the hills above the town. We piled into his old jeep and I snapped this picture of Susan from the back seat where I was sitting jammed in with Nico and Sam.

Day 128 -6 January 2022   We are so lucky where we live because we are surrounded by parks. We have forest trails to walk on just outside our door. And over the tree tops, to the north, are the rugged West Coast mountains. Today’s picture is Susan on one of our walks many years ago.

Day 129 – 7 January 2022   In 2008 we were on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean and we stopped for a day in Monte Carlo. Susan and I walked up the very steep streets right to the top and into France. The view was fantastic. On the way up we stopped in front of the famous Casino in Monte Carlo which can be seen in the background of this picture of Susan.

Day 130 – 8 January 2022  Today Susan is in Puerto Vallarta. It is 2019 and we are in Mexico on vacation. The hotel we were at had this gazebo area for weddings and I thought it was a great location for a picture. It turns out that I was right.

Day 131 – 9 January 2022  Today Susan is somewhere in Rome. This is a great city to wander in with the history of Europe around evrey corner.

Day 132 – 10 January 2022  We were in Mexico in 2017 stopping for a day with our cruise ship on the coast of Mexico. Susan posed for me in front of the sign welcoming us ashore.

Day 133 – 11 January 2022  Several years ago we drove up to the Okanagan in the interior of BC for a few days. We stopped for a rest above Lake Okanagan and I was able to take this picture of Susan with the lake in the backgroud.

Day 134 – 12 January 2022  In 2012 we were driving south from Berlin to Koblenz on the Rhine River. About 40 km outside Koblenz we stopped in the small city of Montabaur. While there we visited their local castle, the Schloss Montabaur, where I took this picture of Susan with the City in the background.

Day 135 – 13 January 2022  Look at those tomatoes! About three years ago Susan had the most amazing summer for her garden. We ate so much fresh produce thanks to her skill with the veggie plants!

Day 136 – 14 January 2022  In 2012 we were in Copenhagen in the Tivoli Park. We found a small restaurant next to a little lake and stopped for some refreshment. I am sorry we had only an afternoon in Copenhagen.

Day 137 – 15 January 2022  In Berlin in 2012 we were wandering around and came across a toy shop with a display of wooden toys out front on the sidewalk. Now that looked like a photo opportunity!

Day 138 – 16 January 2022       In 2008 we were in Paris with Nico and Sam and we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. No big deal except Susan is terrified of heights. But she was a trooper and came all the way up with us. However, Susan was afraid to get back on the elevator. Well, you know you just don’t know the Eiffel Tower until you have seen it from the inside! We walked down!

Day 139 – 17 January 2022  Following on from the last picture, we had to have a picture while we were at the top of the Eiffel Tower.  How often do you get a chance to do that?!  Susan actually looks pretty relaxed once we got to the top. It was the trip up that got to her, and the thought of the trip down.

Day 140 – 18 January 2022  We were in Germany during the summer of 2012 and friends of ours, Wolfgang and Juta, took us out for dinner. On the way to the restaurant we visited the Eder Dam and the Schloss Waldeck high above the Edersee where Wolfgang took this picture of Susan and I. We had too little time in Germany and we want to go back. The country is beautiful and the people were wonderful.

Day 141 – 19 January 2022   My first trip to Italy with Susan was in 2002 and she was excited to show her Italy to me and to show me to her family. While there her brother Celso took us to lunch in a restaurant in “Gaiole in Chianti” where I took this picture. 

Day 142 – 20 January 2022  Susan and Sam posed for me and I took this picture of the two of them. These two have always been close. Susan is a second mother to her and they have a strong bond between them

Day 143 – 21 January 2022   In 2012 we were in Italy staying in a Villa in Tuscany near Montevarchi where her Sister-in-Law Giliola and Niece Simona live. We invited them over for a visit and Simona brought her two children. Susan misses her family and we talk of them all the time. She wishes some days that she had never left Italy. As soon as this Covid problem is over we are off to Italy to catch up with everyone there. We have been too long away.

Day 144 – 22 January 2022 – In Spring of 1999 I had just met her and she wanted me to run in the Vancouver Sun Run, a 10K marathon, with her. I had never run anywhere before but I agreed and trained for a few months with her. We took this picture in the morning before we went downtown to join the crowd for the run. We both finished in reasonable time but she outran me by a lot. 

Day 145 – 23 January 2022  – In 2002 I was with Susan in the North of Italy in a small town called Tremosine sul Garda. We stopped for lunch at the Hotel Paradiso (Check out their website: I took this picture of Susan over a Compari before lunch. In the background on the left is Tremosine and in the center-right is Lago di Garda.

Day 146 – 24 January 2022 – In 2008 we were in Tuscany having lunch at Susan’s brother Celso’s where I took this picture. Susan is standing with her grand daughter Samantha on the left and her sister Pierina on the right. 

Day 147 – 25 January 2022 – Several years ago Susan and I were on the West Coast of Vancouver Island for a small holiday. I took this picture of her standing in the Pacific Ocean on Long Beach. 

Day 148 – 26 January 2022 – In 2012 we were in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Where we left the cruise ship there was a market of local crafts and Susan bought the lovely red cape. She is standing on a lookout over the roof tops of the town and the bell tower of St. Olaf’s Church in the background. You can just make out our cruise ship to the left of the bell tower.

Day 149 – 27 January 2022 – Susan and I love ballroom dancing and have taken lessons for years. Our joints are getting stiff now but there was a time we were pretty good at it. This picture was taken for us by our instructor after one of our lessons.

Day 150 – 28 January 2022 – Several years ago we went to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) with my son Flynn and his wife and daughters. I took this picture of Susan holding my grand daughter Sophia who is obviously having a good time.

Day 151 – 29 January 2022   In 2006 we went on our first cruise together. I was a sort trip to Los Angeles and then a few days in Las Vegas. I found out I loved cruising and we have done many cruises since.

Day 152 – 30 January 2022 – A couple of years ago we were visiting Susan’s family and I took this picture of Susan with her nephew Davide. He is the son of her sister Franca. They are standing in the Piazza Grande in Arezzo.

Day 155 – 2 February 2022 – This picture is from 2008 taken in Susan’s sister Franca’s home. From left to right: sister-in-law Anna-Maria, Franco, Susan, Nico, sister Franca, Brother Celso, Sister Pierina and her husband Mario. 

Day 153 – 31 January 2022 – Disneyland is a place of a thousand photographs. There are just so many neat settings to use: things and settings you will see nowhere else. In 2010 we were there and I had Susan pose in this trolley car.

Day 154 – 1 February 2022  _ We were in Hawaii in 2004 for my son Flynn’s Wedding and one day we spent time on a beach on Maui.

Day 156 – 3 February 2022  – This is from one of my early visits. We are standing in Benito’s shop in Capolona. From left to right: Benito’s wife Angiolina, , Susan, Brother Benito, Nephew Claudio, his son Nico and wife Sabrina.

Day 157 – 4 February 2022 – As we all know, Susan has a garden. As long as I have known her she has spent her summers amongst her flowers and vegetables. I took this picture while she was taking a break and just enjoying her garden.

Day 159 – 6 February 2022 – I believe this is the second oldest picture I have of Susan. She is the young teenager at the left end of the line. Next to her is her sister Franca. On the other side of the priest is is her brother Armando and then brother Benito. On the right end is Susan’s mother, Gina. 

Day 161 – 8 February 2022  We do not have many pictures of Susan when she was young. The oldest I know of  was taken when she was about 9 or 10 years old. She is at church for her first communion and her mother has her all dressed for the occasion.  

Day 158 – 5 February 2022  – Here is Susan with Nico and Sam at the life boat drill in 2008 on the Zuiderdam in the harbour in Barcelona.

Day 160 – 7 February 2022 – Are we getting tired of all these pictures yet? Today Susan is standing in her garden. The picture was taken in May of 2018 and the flowers are just beginning to show.

Day 163 – 10 February 2022 – Todays picture was taken at a dance many years ago, when I first knew Susan. In those days we used to dance three or four nights a week.

Day 164 – 11 February 2022 – Today Susan is getting a drink at a public fountain on Herzog-Friedrich Strasse in Innsbruck, Austria in 2012. 

Day 165 – 12 February 2022 – Todays picture is Susan standing with her daughter Christina and son-in-law Joe at a wedding we went to in Cuba in 2014. The man with the guitar is in the band hired for the occasion.

Day 166 – 13 February 2022 – In 2008 we were in Arezzo with Sam and Nico so they could meet their Italian family. This picture is taken on the top of the Fortezza Medicea at the top of the town.

Day 162 – 9 February 2022 – We are visiting the Villa Adriana outside Rome in 2012. Susan saw this statue and was saying how much it reminded her of me!

Day 167 – 14 February 2022 – Today’s picture is not really a picture of Susan. It is a picture of Susan holding her grand daughter Samantha. This is twenty years ago or more. Susan lives for her family. To her they are her life. She is happiest when she is visiting with them, cooking for them, or giving them vegetables from the garden. Her dedication is amazing and I admire her so much for it.

Day 168 – 15 February 2022 – In 2012 I took this picture of Susan with her brother Armando and sister-in-law Louisa standing outside their restaurant in Capolona.

Day 170 – 17 February 2022 – Wandering the streets of Vienna in January of 2019 we came upon a store with a wonderful display of furniture and there was a large gilt mirror there in the display in the window. It was the perfect opportunity for a “selfie” of Susan and I.

Day 169 – 16 February 2022 – This is a picture of Susan with her brother Benito I took in 2014. We were having lunch at her brother Celso’s house in Arezzo.

Day 172 – 19 February 2022 – Several years ago Susan and I went on a short cruise to Alaska with my Daughter Kathleen and her husband. As the ship pulled out of the harbour in Vancouver I took this picture of Susan with the cruise ship terminal and the Vancouver skyline in the background.

Day 171 – 18 February 2022 – A few years ago, before Covid, the Fraser Valley Italian Society had a dinner dance and part of the evening was a hat contest: the ladies were to wear hats that were to be judged for uniqueness and ingenuity. I took this picture of Susan with her hat. 

Day 174 – 21 February 2022 – Today’s picture is Susan sitting above the Spiaggia Fornilo in Positanto in 2012. 

Day 173 – 20 February 2022 – If you travel up the Fraser River about 80km you come to the Harrison River which flows into the Fraser. We were on the Harrison River last fall and I took this picture of Susan on a dock in the river.

Day 175 – 22 February 2022 – In 2012 we were in Berlin and I took this picture of Susan on this grand staircase leading to the National Gallery. 

Day 176 – 23 February 2022 – In January of 2019 we were with Susan’s family in Arezzo. Here Susan is sitting with her sister Franca, Franca’s son Davide and her grandson Gabriele. They are sitting at Franca’s dinner table.

Day 178 – 25 February 2022 – todays picture is from 2012. We were in Monterosso in the Cinque Terre and these flowers were in the street and Susan was able to walk in behind them.

Day 177 – 24 February 2022 – In Spring 2019 we were in Ottawa and had a private tour of the parliament buildings. I took this picture of Susan in front of a beautiful portrait of Sir John A. McDonald, our first Prime Minister.

Day 179 – 26 February 2022  – We were in Italy in 2014 with Joe and Christina and I took this picture at dinner at brother Franco’s house. Susan is standing between Adriana, her sister in law, and Luana, her neice. On the left is Susan’s daughter Christina. At the bottom is sister in law Rita.

Day 180 – 27 February 2022 – We are still in 2014 in Italy. This is a picture of Susan with her sister Pierina, on the left, and her daughter Christina.

Day 181 – 28 February 2022 – In 2012 we were on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea and I took this picture of Susan in the Hot Tub. Beautiful as usual! 

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